Open Fotoateliers Collections
Invitation to an open collaboration and a potential Creative Europe Innovation Lab project.

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Open Foto Ateliers

Case study: Open Foto Ateliers connecting time, locations, cultural objects, information carriers into linked open collections.

Value proposition

✋🏾 Avoid tech monopolies: Learn to use and improve open source solutions that are suitable for small organizations without a dedicated IT function.
🧩 Collaborate to reach scale: Use open digital platforms to reach joint independent volumes and weight on proprietary, often monopolistic global platforms.
🛞 Stop reinventing the wheel: Use open-source, transparent automation for repeating tasks, particularly to make your inventory books machine-readable on global platforms without error. Blogpost.


🖇️ Link open data: Connect small catalogues, small documentation, and small inventory books into large, interlinked, collective ones to become competitive with big data and large data monopolies.

📈 Use algorithms that work for you, not against you: Use trustworthy data and AI to protect yourself against big data and algorithms that work against you.


Click to our Consortium project page or the slides.


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